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You’re looking to buy a property in Bendigo and you know a building and pest inspection is a must. But with so many options, how do you know which inspector to choose and what they should cost? Don’t stress, we’ve done the research for you! In this article, we compare the costs and services of the main building and pest inspection companies operating in the Bendigo area. We break down exactly what’s included in their inspections and reports. You’ll find pricing for standard and premium inspections so you can get a good deal. We know this is a big investment, so we want to help you make an informed choice and get value for money. Read on as we compare and rate the top building and pest inspectors in Bendigo.

About This Price Comparison

So you’ve decided to buy an investment property in Bendigo – congratulations! One of the first things you’ll want to organise is building and pest inspections. We’ve done a deep dive of all the local service providers to compare prices and services so you can find an inspector that suits your needs and budget.

Inspection Services

The top providers offer both building and timber pest inspections to check for any structural damage or pest infestations before you purchase. Standard visual inspections typically cost between $300 to $500 for a average 3-4 bedroom house. More comprehensive inspections with moisture readings and infrared thermal imaging are $500 to $700.

Experience and Qualifications

When choosing an inspector, consider their experience, qualifications, and reviews from previous clients. Membership in professional organisations like the Australian Institute of Building Surveyors is a good sign, as are additional certifications in areas like structural engineering or pest management.

Timber Pest Inspections

Timber pest inspections are especially important in Bendigo’s older suburbs, where properties have a higher risk of termite damage or borer beetle infestation. Specialist timber pest inspectors charge $250 to $450 for a standard inspection. They’ll check for signs of active infestations and assess any visible damage to determine if repairs or eradication are needed.

Pre-Purchase Building Inspections

Pre-purchase building inspections evaluate the overall condition of a property before you buy. In Bendigo, expect to pay $350 to $650 for a comprehensive pre-purchase building inspection that covers everything from the condition of the roof and foundation to plumbing, electrical systems, and drainage. The inspector will note any significant building defects or safety issues so you can negotiate with the seller or factor repair costs into your offer price.

Average Cost of Building and Pest Inspections in Bendigo

So, you’ve found a property you love in Bendigo and now it’s time to get serious. An important step before signing on the dotted line is organising building and pest inspections. These inspections check for any structural damage or pest infestations that could cost you big bucks down the track.

The average cost of a building inspection in Bendigo is between $300 to $500. The inspection typically takes 2 to 3 hours and provides a comprehensive report on the property’s condition. For peace of mind, it’s worth investing in a Level 2 inspection which includes a visual assessment of accessible areas and a report on any major defects.

Pest inspections in Bendigo average $200 to $350. The most common pests inspectors check for are termites, borers and wood decay fungi. A proper pest inspection should include a visual check of subfloor areas, the roof void, decks, fences and any trees close to the building. The inspector will probe walls and floors to check for any pest activity under the surface.

While inspection fees may seem like an extra cost, they can save you from buying a potential money pit. And in a competitive market like Bendigo’s, professional building and pest inspection reports also give you more leverage when negotiating the best price.

So do yourself a favour and book those inspections. Your bank balance and peace of mind will thank you for it!

Local Businesses and Their Prices

When looking for building and pest inspectors in Bendigo, you have several reputable local businesses to choose from. Their services and fees can vary, so compare a few options to find one that suits your needs and budget.

Bendigo Property Inspections

Bendigo Property Inspections is a family-owned business that has serviced the area for over 15 years. They provide both building and pest inspections for residential and commercial properties starting at $330. The inspectors are fully licenced and insured. They aim to provide reports within 24 hours so you can have peace of mind about the property you’re interested in purchasing.

Jim’s Building & Pest Inspections

Jim’s Building & Pest Inspections is a one-stop shop for pre-purchase property checks. They offer combined building and pest inspections for $440 as well as stand-alone termite inspections for $260. Jim, the owner, is a licenced builder and pest inspector with over 20 years of experience in the Bendigo region. The business is a member of the Australian Pest Managers Association and Building Inspector’s Association.

Bendigo Property & Pest Inspections

Bendigo Property & Pest Inspections provides professional building inspections for $350 and pest inspections for $280. They use the latest equipment and technologies to thoroughly check properties for structural defects, safety hazards, and signs of pest damage. Turnaround time for reports is 1 to 2 business days. The family-run business has served Bendigo home buyers since 2010. Licenced, insured, and members of the necessary industry organisations, they aim to give you peace of mind during what can be a stressful transaction.

Comparing the services, experience, qualifications, and fees of different providers in Bendigo will help ensure you choose an inspector that satisfies your needs and provides good value. In the end, a professional inspection can give you confidence in your purchase and help you negotiate the best price.

Breakdown of Inspection Costs by Property Size

When comparing building and pest inspection services in Bendigo, the size and type of property being inspected is a major factor in determining the total cost. For a typical 3-bedroom house on a standard suburban block, you can expect to pay between $500 to $800 for a combined building and pest inspection.

Smaller Properties

If you’re buying a unit, townhouse or duplex, inspection fees will likely be at the lower end or below this range, from $300 up to $600. Inspectors still need to thoroughly check the property, but the smaller size means it will take less time to inspect. Some inspectors may charge a flat fee for these smaller properties.

Larger Homes

For larger 4- or 5-bedroom homes, especially those on acreage, you should budget $700 to $1,200 or more for a professional inspection. The additional living areas, yard space, outbuildings like sheds and the extra time required means higher fees. It’s a good idea to contact a few local inspectors to compare their fees based on the specifics of the property.

Commercial Properties

Inspections on commercial buildings like offices, retail spaces or industrial units can vary significantly in cost due to the diversity of property types and sizes. You’ll need to discuss the details with qualified inspectors to get an accurate quote. Fees for commercial inspections often start around $1,000 and go up from there depending on factors like the building size, age, construction type and the scope of the inspection.

While inspection fees may seem high, especially for larger or commercial properties, the inspections provide critical information about the true condition of the property and can potentially save you thousands by identifying major issues before purchase. For the most accurate cost estimates, contact a few reputable local inspectors to compare their services and fees.

Factors That Influence Inspection Costs

When comparing building and pest inspection services in Bendigo, several factors will determine how much the inspections will set you back. The type of property, its size and age, as well as the inspectors’ experience and qualifications can all impact the final cost.

Property type

In general, inspecting a house will cost more than an apartment or unit. Larger, more complex properties also tend to be on the higher end of the scale. Inspecting a property with additional structures like sheds, pools or retaining walls may increase the total inspection fee.

Size and age

The larger the property and the older it is, the more time required for a thorough inspection. This means higher costs for the buyer. Inspecting a larger, older home with more rooms and features simply takes more time, which is reflected in the total fee. Newer properties may have lower inspection costs.

Experience and qualifications

More experienced inspectors, especially those with additional certifications and qualifications, typically charge higher fees. Their expertise and knowledge allow them to provide a more comprehensive assessment, but at a premium price. Buyers should weigh up the benefits of an experienced inspector versus the potential extra costs.

Additional services

Some inspectors offer additional services beyond the standard pre-purchase building and pest inspection. Things like moisture testing, thermal imaging, and sewer line inspections will increase the total inspection fee. Only opt for additional services if you feel they are necessary or will provide peace of mind.

In the end, the specific combination of factors for your Bendigo property will determine how much you can expect to pay for professional building and pest inspections. Shop around to compare costs and services so you can find an experienced inspector at a price you’re comfortable with.

FAQs on Building and Pest Inspection Costs in Bendigo

How much do building inspections cost in Bendigo?

Building inspections in Bendigo typically range from $300 to $800 depending on the size and age of the property. As a buyer, you’ll want to factor this cost into your budget. While it may seem like an extra expense, a building inspection can save you from buying a property with costly hidden defects.

Should I get a pest inspection as well?

Yes, pest inspections are a good idea, especially if the property has wooden elements. Pest inspections in Bendigo cost between $200 to $500. Termites and borers can cause damage that may not be immediately obvious. Better safe than sorry—get a pest report to know the condition of the property and if any treatment or repairs are needed.

Will the inspection delay settlement?

Building and pest inspections do not typically delay settlement. They are usually conducted a few days prior to your contract’s due diligence period ending. The inspectors will then have a report to you within 1 to 3 business days. As long as no major issues are uncovered, the results should not impact your scheduled settlement date. However, if the reports do find significant defects or damage, you may need time to renegotiate the contract or back out of the sale.

Should I attend the inspections?

Attending the building and pest inspections is a good idea. The inspectors can point out any issues they find in real-time and answer any questions you may have. You will also get a better sense of the overall condition of the property. Let the agents and vendors know in advance that you wish to attend the inspections—they may even be able to schedule them when you are available.

While inspection costs may seem like an unnecessary expense, they can provide invaluable information about the property you’re interested in and potentially save you thousands by identifying problems before the sale completes. For your peace of mind as a buyer, building and pest inspections are worth the investment.


So there you have it, a quick run down of building and pest inspection costs in Bendigo. We’ve looked at average prices, what’s included, and key things to ask your inspector. While cost is important, remember that experience and thoroughness matters too. A more expensive inspector who finds issues can save you money and heartache down the track. Do your research, get multiple quotes, and read reviews before choosing your inspector. With the right one, these inspections give you peace of mind and confidence when buying property in Bendigo. Time to get those reports booked in! All the best with your purchase.



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