Pre-Purchase Building Inspection Costs In Ballarat

Pre-Purchase Building Inspection Costs In Ballarat

Welcome to PropertyWiki, where we aim to demystify the complexities of property transactions with clear, easy-to-understand information. Today, we’re diving into the world of pre-purchase building inspections in Ballarat. We’ve done the legwork for you by speaking with over 25 local service providers to bring you the most accurate and current building inspection costs in Ballarat.

Average Costs in Ballarat

Building TypeBuilding InspectionPest InspectionCombined Building & Pest
Small House$300$225$430
Medium House$365$250$495
Large House$435$300$565

Building Inspection Costs


When purchasing a unit or apartment in Ballarat, the size and complexity of the building play a significant role in determining the cost of an inspection. Here’s what you can expect:

  • One-bedroom: Typically, a one-bedroom unit inspection costs around $220 to $280.
  • Two-bedroom: For two-bedroom units, the price ranges from $280 to $350.
  • Three-bedroom: Larger three-bedroom apartments can cost between $350 and $420 for a thorough inspection.


Townhouses often involve more detailed inspections due to their unique structures and shared walls. Here’s the cost breakdown by size:

  • One-bedroom: Inspections for one-bedroom townhouses range from $250 to $300.
  • Two-bedroom: A typical two-bedroom townhouse inspection costs between $300 and $370.
  • Three-bedroom: For three-bedroom townhouses, expect to pay between $370 and $440.


Houses in Ballarat can vary greatly in size and style, which influences the inspection costs:

  • One-bedroom: A basic one-bedroom house inspection costs around $270 to $330.
  • Two-bedroom: Two-bedroom houses typically see inspection costs between $330 and $400.
  • Three-bedroom: For a three-bedroom house, the cost ranges from $400 to $470.

Pest Inspection Costs in Ballarat

Pests can be a significant issue, particularly in older properties. Here’s what our research shows for pest inspection costs:

  • Units/Apartments: $150 to $200, regardless of the number of bedrooms.
  • Townhouses: Typically range from $180 to $240, depending on size and complexity.
  • Houses: Costs for houses start at $200 for a one-bedroom and can go up to $300 for larger three-bedroom homes.

Combined Building and Pest Inspection Costs

Combining both inspections can often save time and money. Here’s the cost breakdown for combined services:


  • One-bedroom: $350 to $400
  • Two-bedroom: $400 to $470
  • Three-bedroom: $470 to $540


  • One-bedroom: $370 to $430
  • Two-bedroom: $430 to $500
  • Three-bedroom: $500 to $570


  • One-bedroom: $400 to $460
  • Two-bedroom: $460 to $530
  • Three-bedroom: $530 to $600

At PropertyWiki, we understand that getting a comprehensive understanding of potential costs can significantly influence your buying decisions. Our commitment to providing detailed and reliable information reflects our dedication to helping you make well-informed property purchases in Ballarat. Whether you’re a first-time buyer or a seasoned investor, knowing the potential costs upfront can help you budget effectively and avoid any unpleasant surprises. Remember, investing in a thorough building inspection can potentially save you thousands in the long run by identifying issues early.


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