Montgomery Homes This builder is PropertyWiki Approved

4.7 out of 5.0 stars

Montgomery Homes boasts a strong reputation for quality construction. Client interviews consistently praise the high quality of their finished builds.

Company Overview

Montgomery Homes has been a significant player in the building sector for over 25 years, with a reputation for managing complex building sites, especially those involving sloping blocks. They offer their services across Sydney, Newcastle, and the Central Coast, ensuring that no matter the terrain or location, they can provide a customized and efficient building solution​​.


What sets Montgomery Homes apart is their specialized techniques for sloping sites, which include their own bearers and joists method and a split-slab technique. This approach minimizes the need for extensive excavation, reducing costs and environmental impact while enhancing the design’s aesthetics and functionality. This expertise is reflected in their array of designs that are not only aesthetically pleasing but also tailored to take full advantage of each site’s unique character​​.

Awards and Recognition

Montgomery Homes is not just known for their building prowess but also for their recognition in the industry. They have been awarded the 2016 HIA Medium Professional Builder of the Year at both the national and regional levels. This accolade was a nod to their professional conduct, quality workmanship, innovative designs, and excellent customer service​​.

Home Designs and Options

With over 300 home designs, Montgomery Homes offers a versatile range of options that cater to various needs and preferences, from single to double-story homes, including options for granny flats, and houses on acreage. Their designs cater to all, whether you are a first home buyer or looking to knock down and rebuild.

Build with Confidence

At PropertyWiki, we subject builders to a rigorous vetting process before we recommend them. We’re pleased to report that Montgomery Homes has passed our extensive checks, giving you added confidence when considering them for your project. Less than 30% of builders pass these checks:

  • Long-term licence history check: We’ve ensured that they hold a current licence but have maintained it continuously for an extended period, free of suspensions or cancellations.
  • Legal compliance check: We’ve confirmed that they have not been disciplined under the Home Building Act 1989 or the Design and Building Practitioners Act 2020. This includes checks for any orders from the NSW Civil and Administrative Tribunal (NCAT).
  • Professional conduct check: We’ve reviewed them for any unprofessional behaviour, non-adherence to dispute resolution orders, or penalties issued.
  • Defects check: We’ve verified that their work has been free of major defects, with no claims filed against them through the Home Building Compensation Fund.
  • Public warning check: We’ve confirmed that they have not been subject to any public warnings, reflecting their commitment to safety, legal compliance, and consumer protection.
  • Criminal prosecution check: We’ve verified that they have not faced any criminal prosecutions in relation to their business practices, ensuring their operations are legally sound.
  • Customer experience: At least a 90% positive rating from customer interviews (conducted by PropertyWiki), ratings and testimonials.

PropertyWiki Rating: 4.7

In light of their innovative building solutions, especially for challenging sites, and their consistent recognition in the industry, we at PropertyWiki rate Montgomery Homes at 4.7 out of 5. This high score reflects their commitment to quality, customer satisfaction, and their niche expertise in handling sloping sites which is a significant challenge in many parts of NSW.

For those looking to build a new home in Sydney, Newcastle, or the Central Coast, Montgomery Homes deserves consideration for their specialized skills, particularly if your dream home location involves challenging terrain. Their ability to integrate environmental considerations and innovative design with practical functionality makes them a standout builder in the NSW home construction market.