Worthington Homes This builder is PropertyWiki Approved

4.6 out of 5.0 stars

Worthington Homes positions itself as a Sydney builder focused on quality and a positive client experience. They target first-home buyers, owner-occupiers, and investors, offering house and land packages in growing areas. Let’s delve into what Worthington Homes brings to the table, helping you decide if they’re the right fit for your Sydney dream home.

Overview and Leadership

Founded by Liam Worthington, Worthington Homes has carved out a reputable position in the Sydney residential building industry. Liam, who started his career as a carpenter in 1999, was driven by his observations of subpar practices within the industry to create a company that prioritizes customer satisfaction and high-quality construction​​. He is supported by his father, John Worthington, a figure with over fifty years of experience in construction, who serves as a senior advisor and is a recognized member of the NSW Master Builders Association​.

Client Experience and Services

Worthington Homes is renowned for its commitment to delivering a positive and stress-free building experience. They emphasize a “people first” philosophy, ensuring open lines of communication and transparency throughout the building process​​. The services offered by Worthington Homes are comprehensive, covering everything from custom home designs and knockdown rebuilds to managing more complex projects like dual occupancy homes and multi-dwelling houses​.

Quality and Workmanship

The testimonials from past clients frequently highlight the quality and craftsmanship of Worthington Homes. They are particularly praised for their ability to manage challenging projects, maintain timelines and budgets, and respond proactively to client needs. Their homes are built with high-quality materials suited to Australian conditions, ensuring both functionality and style.

Build with Confidence

At PropertyWiki, we subject builders to a rigorous vetting process before we recommend them. We’re pleased to report that Worthington Homes has passed our extensive checks, giving you added confidence when considering them for your project. Less than 30% of builders pass these checks:

  • Long-term licence history check: We’ve ensured that they hold a current licence but have maintained it continuously for an extended period, free of suspensions or cancellations.
  • Legal compliance check: We’ve confirmed that they have not been disciplined under the Home Building Act 1989 or the Design and Building Practitioners Act 2020. This includes checks for any orders from the NSW Civil and Administrative Tribunal (NCAT).
  • Professional conduct check: We’ve reviewed them for any unprofessional behaviour, non-adherence to dispute resolution orders, or penalties issued.
  • Defects check: We’ve verified that their work has been free of major defects, with no claims filed against them through the Home Building Compensation Fund.
  • Public warning check: We’ve confirmed that they have not been subject to any public warnings, reflecting their commitment to safety, legal compliance, and consumer protection.
  • Criminal prosecution check: We’ve verified that they have not faced any criminal prosecutions in relation to their business practices, ensuring their operations are legally sound.
  • Customer experience: At least a 90% positive rating from customer interviews (conducted by PropertyWiki), ratings and testimonials.

PropertyWiki Rating: 4.6

Worthington Homes not only meets but exceeds the expectations that one might have for a home builder in today’s market. For anyone looking to embark on the journey of building a new home in Sydney, Worthington Homes is a commendable choice.