Tullipan Homes This builder is PropertyWiki Approved

4.6 out of 5.0 stars

Tullipan Homes is a family-owned builder focusing on the Central Coast, Sydney and Newcastle regions. If you’re looking for a custom-built home in this area, Tullipan Homes offers a compelling option that prioritises both quality and communication.

Company Overview

Tullipan Homes operates primarily in Sydney, the Central Coast, and Newcastle. Their forte is constructing homes on challenging sloping sites, which showcases their expertise and innovative approach to design. Their in-house team excels at turning complex visions into executable designs, ensuring each home is both aesthetically pleasing and functionally superior.

Leadership and Team

The company is driven by the Tullipan family, with several generations involved in its operations. The family’s commitment to the business is evident in every aspect of their work, from design through to construction. This dedication is complemented by a robust team of professionals, including skilled site supervisors and project managers who ensure each build is executed with precision.

Awards and Recognition

Tullipan Homes has been recognized as a multi-award-winning builder, a testament to their consistent quality and innovative designs. Their accolades include awards from industry bodies like the HIA, which speak volumes about their commitment to excellence in the home-building industry.

Client Satisfaction and Services

Feedback from clients underscores Tullipan Homes’ ability to deliver on their promises. Their consultative approach is particularly appreciated, as it ensures that clients are involved in every step of the building process. Whether it’s a new build or a knock-down rebuild, Tullipan Homes prioritize client needs and incorporates their feedback to optimize the design and functionality of the homes they create.

Sustainable Practices and Community Involvement

Tullipan Homes also emphasizes sustainable building practices and thoughtful use of space. Their projects reflect a deep understanding of environmental stewardship and community values, which is increasingly important to today’s homeowners.

Build with Confidence

At PropertyWiki, we subject builders to a rigorous vetting process before we recommend them. We’re pleased to report that Tullipan Homes has passed our extensive checks, giving you added confidence when considering them for your project. Less than 30% of builders pass these checks:

  • Long-term licence history check: We’ve ensured that they hold a current licence but have maintained it continuously for an extended period, free of suspensions or cancellations.
  • Legal compliance check: We’ve confirmed that they have not been disciplined under the Home Building Act 1989 or the Design and Building Practitioners Act 2020. This includes checks for any orders from the NSW Civil and Administrative Tribunal (NCAT).
  • Professional conduct check: We’ve reviewed them for any unprofessional behaviour, non-adherence to dispute resolution orders, or penalties issued.
  • Defects check: We’ve verified that their work has been free of major defects, with no claims filed against them through the Home Building Compensation Fund.
  • Public warning check: We’ve confirmed that they have not been subject to any public warnings, reflecting their commitment to safety, legal compliance, and consumer protection.
  • Criminal prosecution check: We’ve verified that they have not faced any criminal prosecutions in relation to their business practices, ensuring their operations are legally sound.
  • Customer experience: At least a 90% positive rating from customer interviews (conducted by PropertyWiki), ratings and testimonials.

PropertyWiki Rating: 4.6

Taking into account the focus on customer experience, positive testimonials on build quality, potential for customization, and their award-winning expertise, we at PropertyWiki would rate Tullipan Homes 4.6 out of 5 stars. If you’re in the Sydney area prioritising a collaborative and high-quality custom build, especially on a sloping block of land, Tullipan Homes is definitely worth considering.

For those planning to build their dream home in these regions, Tullipan Homes offers a blend of experience, quality, and personalized service that is hard to match. Their track record and the glowing testimonials from numerous satisfied clients make them a top recommendation for prospective homeowners.