The 7 Best Building & Pest Inspection Companies on the Ipswich – Compared & Reviewed

You’re looking for the best building and pest inspection companies in Ipswich to help ensure your next property purchase goes smoothly. After an exhaustive search reviewing over 30 local providers, we’ve narrowed it down to the top 7 based on customer reviews, experience, qualifications and value. This guide will give you the insider knowledge to pick the perfect inspection company to identify risks specific to Ipswich properties and neighbourhoods.

We’ll review pricing, services offered and highlight key details to help you make an informed decision. Whether you’re concerned about structural issues, termites, or just want peace of mind, our research has you covered with the 7 highest rated building and pest inspection companies in Ipswich.

Our Research Methodology for Finding the Top Building & Pest Inspection Companies in Ipswich

To find the best building and pest inspection companies in Ipswich, we dove deep into the local market. We researched over 30 companies, analysing their qualifications, experience, customer reviews, and value.

Experience and Qualifications

The companies on our list have been operating in Ipswich for at least five years and employ inspectors with the proper certifications and licences. We gave preference to companies with inspectors holding AIBS certifications.

Customer Reviews

We scoured reviews on Google, Product Review, and Facebook to find companies with overwhelmingly positive reviews mentioning high-quality inspections, helpful and knowledgeable inspectors, and good value. Companies needed a minimum 4-star rating from at least 50 reviews to be considered.

Value for Money

Inspection fees can vary significantly, so we aimed to find companies offering comprehensive inspections at a fair price. We compared the typical inspection fees for both building and pest inspections to determine which companies offer the best value.

Specific Local Knowledge

Ipswich’s housing stock and climate present some unique risks that require inspectors with experience in the region. The companies on our list have a proven track record of serving Ipswich home buyers and understand the area’s potential issues like termite damage, flooding, and structural defects common in Queenslanders or brick homes.

Using these criteria, we narrowed down the options to the top seven building and pest inspection companies in Ipswich. Whether you’re buying your first home or your fifth investment property, you can trust these local experts to provide a thorough inspection and help you make an informed choice.

Top 7 Best Building & Pest Inspection Companies on the Ipswich

When purchasing a property, getting a professional building and pest inspection done is crucial. After researching over 30 local providers, we found seven standout companies that provide high-quality inspections in Ipswich.

1. Ipswich Building and Pest Inspections

Ipswich Building and Pest Inspections offers a blend of comprehensive inspection services, including pre-sale inspections, termite and pest treatments, and thermal imaging, all carried out by a team deeply familiar with the Ipswich area. Their emphasis on local expertise, combined with a robust suite of services designed to catch a wide array of potential issues before they become expensive surprises, positions them as a valuable partner in the real estate process. The company prides itself on providing detailed, quality service at a fair price, making them a solid choice for those looking to invest in property within Ipswich and its surroundings. Their service area is extensive, covering north to Fernvale and Lowood, south to Harrisville, east to Goodna and Forest Lake, and west to Rosewood and Marburg, ensuring a wide coverage for potential clients. Customer testimonials highlight their thoroughness, informative reporting, and the valuable peace of mind they offer to homeowners and buyers alike. Rating 4.6/5.

2. Profile Building & Pest Inspections

Profile Building & Pest Inspections, led by the experienced Greg Palmer, stands out for its owner-operated approach, ensuring a personal touch in every inspection on the Gold Coast and surrounding areas. Greg’s extensive background in residential building contributes to highly detailed, easy-to-understand reports, supported by modern technology like thermal imaging cameras. The commitment to exceed Australian Standards in inspections is evident, with same-day report delivery adding to their client-friendly service. Customers benefit from Greg’s hands-on approach and his willingness to discuss findings directly, enhancing the value of their comprehensive building and pest inspection services. Rating 4.7/5.

3. Ipswich Building Inspections

Ipswich Building Inspections, a family-owned business with over 35 years of building and design experience, specializes in a broad range of inspection services, including pre-purchase, pre-sale, warranty, maintenance, pre-renovation, and pool safety inspections. They emphasize their dedication to saving clients money through their investment, ensuring peace of mind with their fully licensed and insured professional inspectors. Customer testimonials praise their professionalism, thoroughness, and the detailed, informative reports provided, highlighting the team’s ability to address concerns and deliver valuable advice. Rating 4.4/5.

4. Ipswich & West Moreton Building Services

Ipswich & West Moreton Building Services, recognized for their thorough pre-purchase house and joint pest inspections, operates with a dedication to detail, supported by an experienced Queensland Building Services Authority licensed inspector. They emphasize the importance of an inspector’s effort and dedication to conducting in-depth and accurate inspections, aiming to provide clients with the most comprehensive understanding of a property’s condition. Rating 4.7/5.

5. Certified Home Inspections

Certified Home Inspections is praised for its professional and thorough building and pest inspection services across Brisbane, Ipswich, and the Gold Coast. Leveraging decades of building and termite experience, the company employs a dual-inspector system for more comprehensive reports. They use state-of-the-art equipment, including the Termatrac t3i and thermal imaging, to ensure high accuracy. Positive feedback highlights their prompt, reliable service and effectiveness in identifying and advising on potential issues. Rating 4.5/5.

6. offers detailed and professional building and pest inspection services in Brisbane, Ipswich, and Moreton Bay, employing a team of experienced inspectors. Utilizing advanced tools like thermal imaging cameras, they provide comprehensive reports that cover all key areas of a property, ensuring clients make informed decisions. Customer feedback highlights their efficiency, professionalism, and the quality of their reports. Rating 4.2/5.

7. Active Building Inspections

Active Building Inspections stands out with over 40 years of industry experience, offering a range of services including building and pest inspections, termite management, and general pest management in South-East Queensland. They pride themselves on fast bookings, same-day pre-purchase reports, and personalized service tailored to clients’ needs, whether they are seasoned investors or first-time homebuyers. Their comprehensive insurance and adherence to Australian Standards ensure peace of mind for clients, underscored by positive testimonials praising their professionalism and detailed reporting. Rating 4.3/5.

Ipswich House Construction Types and Associated Risks

Ipswich has a mix of house construction types common in Queensland, from timber homes built in the early 1900s to modern brick structures. Each type comes with certain risks to be aware of during an inspection.

Timber Homes

Many of Ipswich’s original homes were built from timber, especially in suburbs like East Ipswich and Woodend. While charming, timber homes require close attention to pest damage and structural integrity. Check for signs of termite damage, wood rot, and warping. The foundations of older timber homes can also start to fail over time, causing uneven flooring or walls.

Weatherboard Homes

Weatherboard, also known as cladding, was commonly used on Ipswich homes built from the 1920s through the 1970s. Weatherboard requires consistent maintenance to avoid water damage and pest infestation. Inspect for any areas where the weatherboard has started to warp, crack, or peel away from the structure. The material underneath is vulnerable if left exposed.

Brick Veneer Homes

Many homes built from the 1970s onward in Ipswich feature brick veneer construction. While brick veneer provides good insulation and weather protection, water damage is a risk if the seal between the brick and wall structure fails. Check for any cracks in the mortar, water stains on walls inside the home, or areas where the brick seems to be pulling away from the wall.

The specific suburb a home is located in also impacts the risks. For example, homes in low-lying areas like Goodna or Bellbird Park should be inspected for signs of flooding damage. Homes in hilly suburbs may show structural damage from soil movement over time. A building and pest inspection by a local professional familiar with Ipswich’s neighbourhoods and construction types can identify these risks and help you make an informed decision about purchasing a property.

Suburb-Specific Risks and Considerations for Pest & Building Inspections in Ipswich

With Ipswich’s mix of architectural styles and neighbourhoods comes some important considerations for building and pest inspections. The risks can vary depending on the specific suburb and type of property.

Inner City Suburbs

The inner suburbs like Ipswich Central, East Ipswich and North Ipswich are home to many historic Queenslander-style houses. These charming homes do come with risks like termite damage, wood rot and faulty electrical wiring that have built up over time. Inspections should thoroughly check the stumps, floorboards, wiring and plumbing in these homes. The close proximity to parks and bushland also means higher risks of pest issues.

Newer Western Suburbs

The newer suburbs in the west like Brassall, Chuwar and Karalee predominantly feature modern brick construction. While these homes have lower risks of structural damage or wood rot, their dense populations mean higher risks of shared pest infestations like cockroaches or rodents spreading between adjoining properties. Inspectors should do thorough internal and external checks of these homes, especially in built-in wardrobes, garages and subfloor areas where pests like to hide.

Flood-Prone Areas

Some Ipswich suburbs like Goodna, Gailes and Camira have experienced significant flooding in the past. If buying in these areas, get a flood check to determine the property’s flood risk. Even if not in a high-risk zone, inspectors should still check for any water damage or pest infestation signs in the subfloor, foundations or lower walls. Electrical wiring and fixtures should also be inspected to ensure there is no flood damage risk.

By understanding these suburb-specific risks, you can work with your building and pest inspector to develop a tailored inspection plan. Focusing on high-risk areas for each property type and neighbourhood will give you the most comprehensive assessment and peace of mind about any issues that could cost you down the road. An informed buyer is a savvy buyer, so do your research on Ipswich’s properties and neighbourhoods before purchasing.


So there you have it – the top 7 building and pest inspection companies in Ipswich reviewed and compared, based on extensive research into over 30 local providers. We looked at their customer reviews, qualifications, experience and value for money to find the cream of the crop. Whether you’re buying an older Queenslander in East Ipswich or a new build in Springfield Lakes, you can feel confident choosing one of these trusted inspectors to undertake a pre-purchase inspection. They’ll identify any structural, pest or other issues, so you can make an informed decision and avoid nasty surprises down the track. Don’t cut corners on this crucial step – your new home is a huge investment. Protect it by using one of the building and pest inspection experts recommended here.



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