Pre-Purchase Building Inspection Costs in Toowoomba

Pre-Purchase Building Inspection Costs in Toowoomba

When you’re in the market for a new home or property in Toowoomba, getting a pre-purchase building inspection is a smart move. It helps ensure you’re not about to invest in a property with hidden issues that could cost you a fortune down the line. At PropertyWiki, we understand how important this step is for buyers, so we’ve put in the legwork to provide you with the most accurate and current information on building inspection costs in Toowoomba. We spoke to over 25 local service providers to get a clear picture of what you can expect to pay. Here’s what we found.

Average Costs in Toowoomba

Building TypeBuilding InspectionPest InspectionCombined Building and Pest
Small House$285$205$485
Medium House$355$230$555
Large House$430$255$630

Learn about factors impacting building inspection costs. See prices around Queensland.

Building Inspection Costs


The cost of building inspections for units and apartments in Toowoomba varies primarily by size:

  • One-bedroom: Typically, the inspection costs around $220 to $280.
  • Two-bedroom: For a slightly larger space, expect to pay between $280 and $350.
  • Three-bedroom: The costs rise a bit here, ranging from $350 to $420.


Townhouses can be a bit more complex, depending on the shared spaces and overall structure:

  • One-bedroom: Inspection costs start from about $240 and can go up to $300.
  • Two-bedroom: These are generally between $300 and $370.
  • Three-bedroom: Larger townhouses might cost you between $370 and $450 for a building inspection.


Inspecting a house usually involves a detailed check over a larger area, thus the costs are slightly higher:

  • One-bedroom house: Expect to pay from $250 to $320.
  • Two-bedroom house: Costs range from $320 to $390.
  • Three-bedroom house: These inspections can cost between $390 and $470.

Pest Inspection Costs

Pests can turn a dream home into a nightmare, which makes pest inspections critical. Here’s what our research shows for pest inspection costs across different property types:

  • Units/Apartments: About $150 to $200.
  • Townhouses: Ranging from $180 to $240.
  • Houses: Typically between $200 and $260.

Combined Building and Pest Inspection Costs

Many buyers prefer to have both building and pest inspections done together to save time and often, money. Here’s the breakdown of costs for a combined service:


  • One-bedroom: Around $350 to $400.
  • Two-bedroom: Usually between $430 and $500.
  • Three-bedroom: Generally, $500 to $580.


  • One-bedroom: Costs are typically around $420 to $470.
  • Two-bedroom: You’re looking at $490 to $560.
  • Three-bedroom: Expect to pay from $560 to $640.


  • One-bedroom: Combined inspections cost about $450 to $520.
  • Two-bedroom: These run from $520 to $590.
  • Three-bedroom: A combined inspection can cost between $590 and $670.

In conclusion, while the costs can vary depending on the type and size of the property, investing in a thorough building and pest inspection is essential for any buyer in Toowoomba. It’s not just about the peace of mind but also about making an informed decision. At PropertyWiki, we’re committed to helping you make the best possible choices by providing up-to-date and reliable information. If you’re stepping into the property market, consider these inspection costs as a necessary step in safeguarding your investment.


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